The unfavorable reality of parenting is that there is no easy answer to why children cry at night. It could be fever, sickness or the unavailability of a parent. Normally, infants and toddlers sleep for up to 12 hours a day. If your young child is not getting good steady rest, it might be a sign of something temporary, or maybe a sign of something more complex. From birth to age two is an essential time for progression, but with all the fears parents have to deal with, some symptoms get overlooked.

At birth, an infant’s skull is comprised of 44 various pieces that begin to mesh like a puzzle, and over time, fuse into the 22 bones making up the cranium. The first couple of years in a youngster’s life are when most of the cranial growth happens. This is also when early, difficult-to-detect developmental problems can begin. These can start from birth, whether it be from rigorous labor or emergency birth procedures, misalignments can cause excessive pressure and tension on the spinal, cranial and nervous systems.

benefits of proper chiropractic care are so numerous that there is no reason to wait for your little one to have symptoms


Complications with birth can also create misalignments in cranial and spinal development that can bring about discomfort, which can in turn lead to troubled sleep. Troubled sleep itself can lead to other developmental troubles that can hinder a youngster’s physical and mental development. It isn’t always apparent right away that your young child is having issues sleeping, or what is at the cause of it. Look for the obvious signs first: fussiness, looking in one direction more than the other – a great clue of neck pain, difficulty sleeping for long periods, or restlessness in their usual positions. Any one of these could be an indicator of displeasure caused by cranial pressures, muscular issues, or spinal trouble.

A Macomb County Chiropractic’s job is to see these problems and correct them, often painlessly over a variety of procedures. In youngsters, whose bodies are far more vulnerable to corrective therapy, recovery takes place much faster than in adults.

Beyond a good night’s sleep, appropriate spinal and cranial alignment can improve the body’s immune function, lessen the regularity of headaches and ear infections, and strengthen the muscle systems around the spine. In fact, the benefits of proper chiropractic care are so numerous that there is no reason to wait for your little one to have symptoms. An infant can be given their first check-up as early as two to four weeks after birth.

If you are suddenly envisioning your little one’s neck being twisted around by a chiropractic physician – don’t. Treatment of little ones is considerably different than adults; most infant treatments consist of delicate fingertip pressure.

Chiropractic treatment is not a guarantee, but often with early and regular visits to a chiropractic practitioner, misalignments and issues can be taken care of quickly and can return your child to the developmental fast track.