Pain is Mother Nature’s time-tested way of informing us something is wrong with our bodies. Possibly it’s a matter of an external stimulus, in the same manner, that a hot stove will cause a person to pull back their hand prior to coming in contact with the open flame. Maybe it’s a case of a cramped muscle in the foot, leading us to make a cognizant effort to relax and stretch the constricted muscle. Regardless of the cause, pain is the ideal way to grab attention.

One of the most well-known varieties of pain the normal human being will run into at least once in a lifespan is back pain, a condition generally brought on by a muscle strain in the back– specifically acute lumbar strain in the lower back. Of course, there are additional causes possibly responsible for back pain, varying from irritation to inflammation of the bones, ligaments, discs and spinal nerves branching off the spinal cord. But no matter the source, the results of back pain are the same: decreased mobility, impaired function, basic ache ranging up to debilitating pain, and an overall degradation in the quality of life that can be appreciated. (After all, it’s tough to delight in an evening out with your pals in the State of Michigan when the act of simply sitting in a favorite Macomb County restaurant chair triggers discomfort.).

But what is to be done when the uncomfortableness of back pain emerges? It’s not specifically an uncommon happening, with specialists estimating that nine out of 10 adults will experience the suffering of back pain at the very least once in a lifespan, and 5 out of 10 working adults coping with their back pain on a yearly basis. Barring reaching for some over the counter pharmaceutical alternatives, there are a few natural remedies that can lend a hand in lessening the problems caused by back pain.

Natural solutions for back pain can include:

1. Letting those inner endorphins loose.

Endorphins are the naturally developing hormones discharged in the body through a number of endeavors, including exercise. (Endorphins deserve the credit for the “runner’s high”– natural sensation of elation that athletes attribute to their running regimen, for example.).

When endorphins are introduced into the bloodstream, pain signals that reach the brain can be blocked. These chemicals can also help lessen stress, ease levels of anxiety, and subdue the symptoms of depression– all variables that are associated with lingering back pain.

If participating in an endurance run doesn’t sound like the perfect recipe for letting those endorphins loose, take heart: there’s an additional way. Beyond aerobic exercise, even meditation and massage therapy appointments have been proven as reliable tools in stimulating the appearance of endorphins in the body– and who doesn’t love the idea of basking on a massage table in an attempt to stave off back pain?

2. You are getting sleepy.

In this particular case, the zzzzz’s can have it– and yes, we are literally talking about sleeping your dilemmas away. That’s given that inadequate sleep can intensify back pain. (And in a somewhat vicious cycle, professionals hypothesize that close to two-thirds of individuals struggling with chronic back pain are also managing a type of sleep disorder.

What’s to be done? It begins with getting the necessitated number of hours of sleep advised for adults, and following all the standards suggested by experts– including sleeping in a cool, dark room; staying clear of electronic devices prior to bedtime; disregarding those late-night snacking desires; sustaining regular sleeping routines, and avoiding alcohol before bedtime. Taking these essential steps, and hopefully, back pain can become a distant recollection.

3. Feel the burn.

All beneficial things mandate some type of sweat equity, and the same can be said when it comes to combating back pain. It begins and ends with the muscles in your abdomen and back– both crucial components in assisting the lower spine. These muscles do not benefit from a good workout through the course of day, so it’s crucial to focus on them with a part of your normal exercise program for thirty minutes per day.

The exercise regimen could be as practical as sitting upright on an exercise ball for 30 minutes a day, but those core muscles will feel the true benefit– and that can have some long-term beneficial consequences in discontinuing the trials and tribulations of back pain.

4. Fire (and ice).

Heat and cold have long been respected as assets in aiding the human body heal, and those equivalent rules apply where back pain is involved. Cold therapy can lower inflammation, and serve as a local anesthetic by reducing nerve impulses. Heat therapy can increase blood flow, providing needed nutrients to the back and preventing pain messages sent to the brain.

Delivered in a cold compress, a tub filled with ice, a heating pad, a hot shower or any other chosen solution, either warmth or cold treatments can yield some winning results when it comes to countering back trouble.

5. Take me to the chiropractor.

There is yet another strategy for managing back pain, and this comes in the hands of experts. More particularly, chiropractors– who are skilled health care specialists using a “hands-on” strategy to treatments, where pressure is applied to specific joints in an effort to ease symptoms.

These specialists won’t resort to using medications to appease troubles, although they are equipped to use a number of high-tech tools (including X-rays) in reaching a precise analysis, and beginning the proper treatment protocol.

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